experiential learning

I enjoyed this post on experiential learning – particular as Lars’ experience of learning to ski was almost identical to mine. The point about repetition and simulation is well made in the transfer of learning but … you can only take so much from role play, simulations and GBL especially in soft skills and how self-aware you are impacts hugely on how much you actually learn. Role playing difficult line manager conversations with actors was an effective way of learning some of the difficulties of being a line manager, but for me came no where near the learning gained from reflecting on my ‘real’ experiences.

Repetition would be great, but in practice, can the organisation afford the costs (actual and opportunity)? To me, the key to learning transfer is about having people with the capability to learn effectively and that previleges action-learning and reflective practice.

And I learned to ski beyond the green runs by trying to copy people who I thought looked like they know what they were doing – led to much amusement for those watching my efforts but I had fun!

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