What’s this all about (2)

This is a short note on why I chose "exploratory" as the blog title. As Tony Golsby-Smith describes in his article in the Journal of Business Strategy (special issue on design and business) here, most organisations operate on an exploitation paradigm. This is not meant in a negative sense but that organsiations are about delivering services, productions, using IPR, etc. Organisational processes tend to reflect this in terms of an emphasis on control and reliability (reactive thinking) – in my area of interest, project management, this is reflected in the control/ change focus in most project management methodologies. What they tend not to be about is exploring new possible futures, exploring known unknowns. The danger of the ‘exploit’ paradigm is that effective routines, ways of working, "signature processes" can become rigidities that act against organsiations adapting to changes in their environment or seizing new opportunities. So this blog is looking at organisations/ management in terms of the ‘explore’ paradigm and what that means in practice, especially in terms of project management. I will have a more indepth look at a more open and fuzzy approach to project management soon (ish!).

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