Enterprise 2.0 and the reality of people

Came across this post here
Is Enterprise 2.0 such a hard thing to ‘get’ from Ctrl Space by Jason Marshall
“I just got home from an all hands meeting discussing various things, including group communication. During a discussion about how we would arange weekly meetings I suggested that we used a team blog – restricted to members of our team only (we already have a globally available blog) where we can post and dicuss on team related issues. I suggested that we could use this blog to filter topics that we would want to expand to a full group discussion at a weekly meeting. This idea didn’t recieve much support, and shortly afterwards someone suggested that we could ‘write topics on a white board, and then people can put dots by topics that they are most interested in…..’. I was a bit taken a back by this….I am sure that people in the team get what web2.0 and how it could be useful – yet I definitely feel resistance to actually using these technologies . The problm is that we are a technological group that have a role in knowledge management – if we aren’t prepared to embrace these technologies, how can we expect others to? Is Enterprise 2.0 ahead of its time?”

Now I like a lot about E2.0 and its potential for changing organisational forms and the commond/ control paradigm. But sometimes its fanbase seems a bit too caught up in the tools rather than what works. In this case, a white board, pens and stickers seems to do the job, opens up the opportunity for actual dialogue in the team as well as getting people moving. So I don’t see the ‘problem’ other than one persons preference for a particular tool and others preference for a different tool. Sometime the basic stuff is just ‘right’

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